HCP Spotlight: Jeff Newman, DC

Jay Segel, DPM Podiatrist

Chiropractor Jeff Newman, DC shares tips on treating neck pain and back pain as a using a practitioner-exclusive product he learned about from a patient.

Video Transcript

My name is Jeff Newman, I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and I own Newman Chiropractic. I was born and raised in this town so my parents, they own this Plaza. I live a mile away, I walk to work every day, it’s awesome. I’ve always liked the very communal feel of helping out the community, so for me to be able to come back here and pride myself off of providing quality healthcare for the local surrounding schools is just amazing for me, I love it. 

Movement in general should be intuitive and because we sit so long throughout the day, I mean we lose a lot of that coordination and intuitiveness. So we have to continually remind our body on how to move appropriately. The most common issues that patients come in to see a chiropractor in general are neck pain and back pain. I mean, 80% of the population suffers from back pain. The first time I heard about CBD in general was about four years ago. I had a patient come in that told me that I should check out CBD, and that it’s going to be the new big thing. People are gonna use it for topical stuff, oral stuff, the gamut. And then I started hearing more and more. I’ve been practicing 10 years, I’ve never had products in my offices ever until I brought CBD CLINIC into my office.  

I was reading reading reading about it because I always feel like there’s a little bit of a skepticism about anything that chiropractors do or sell. So I want to make sure that it’s good, honest, informative and true to my work. The biggest thing for me is the fact that it’s clinician only. That is huge and there’s no comparison, I’m not in it to sell retail CBD. I don’t have to worry about a patient leaving here and getting CBD CLINIC at the store down the street, and then coming back saying that my prices are different. That is the most valuable thing to me that I could ever have in a product. It’s been awesome, my patients are able to notice the difference, see my trust in CBD CLINIC, a type-concise product line, five levels, with the menthol camphor levels on them, with the amounts of CBD in it. When I do myofascial work it’s perfect for using the Graston tools on it. I just use that as the emollient that I use to work on the soft tissue work. Patients will typically ask a little more in detail about it, and then I just say you know what, we sell it here if you like it. We’ve got them on our website, we’ve got everything listed, we’ve got the prices that they sell it at. It’s really, I mean it flies off the shelves. 

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