HCP Spotlight: Jay Segel, DPM

Jay Segel, DPM Podiatrist

Podiatrist Jay Segal, DPM has lived on Martha’s Vineyard where he has invested decades in building a successful podiatry clinic for his community. He long-resisted trying CBD for his patients until he discovered CBD CLINIC products and saw amazing results.


Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Jay Segel and I’m a Podiatrist here on Martha’s Vineyard. Podiatry in many cases is a legacy profession and in mine it’s no different. I have several family members that are podiatrists. I being the youngest of them, I’ve been practicing on Martha’s Vineyard since I left my residency in Cambridge at Harvard and I’ve practiced here ever since 1984.  

A Patient might come to me for all problems with their nails, they might come to me because they can’t walk or because they have some form of trauma. People who have no pulses, open wounds, those are all things that a podiatrist will typically see. This is very much a family oriented practice. In some cases I’ve seen four generations of people here. So, it’s important to vet products very well. Previously, the idea of CBD products had been floated. I had a number of patients approach me on the idea.   

My very first experience hearing about the product was at the New York Podiatry Conference. My wife and I talked about whether this is something we wanted to bring into the office. A medical strength, 400 milligrams of the CBD, the 16% of the menthol and the 11% of the camphor. It was effective. It was wanted by the patients. It wasn’t available and it was an investment that we chose to make and to bring it into our practice and put our brand on it. I like to use the CBD CLINIC Level 5 ointment in the jar on more bony prominences. The pushing of the stick is best reserved for areas like the muscles of the back or for my profession the achilles tendon is a great use for the stick.  

There’s no question that bringing CBD CLINIC into our practice was the right choice just by the fact that we’ve sold out nine times. We seem to wind up having to order every week now. It is something that we would be glad to advocate for on a higher level. If I didn’t think it was both safe and effective, I wouldn’t be using this, you know, 10 times a day. 

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