HCP Spotlight: Amy Mager, LAc, DACM, FABORM

HCP Spotlight: Amy Mager, LAc, DACM, FABORM Acupuncturist & Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncturist & Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Amy Mager, DACM, Lac grew up caring for a parent who was chronically ill, so she learned empathy and healing at an early age. She adds CBDCLINIC to her treatments as part of her mind-body approach to improving their overall wellbeing.

Video Transcript

I’m Amy Mager, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. I grew up with a parent who was consistently and constantly ill. I was a little person and I just wanted my mom to feel better. So I would close my eyes and put my hands on her body and just massage where she told me it hurt. And they used to call me nurse Amy, ’cause I just took care of everybody.  

I graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 1989, in the first class that had a Masters degree in Chinese medicine in the country. I knew that the body knows how to heal itself with the innate intelligence of the body, and external things that help bring the body into the dynamic balance that generates life. What I love is helping someone change their perception of what’s going on for themselves. Whether it’s a patient coming in in knee pain. And when they leave, they have more mobility and less pain. Or, whether it’s a cancer patient who is having chemotherapy. Every thought we have, every emotion we experience has a direct, measurable biochemical reaction in our bodies. So we are working with the body, mind, spirit and flesh all at once. It’s about the constellation of things that work for this person, which is gonna be different for Sally and Suzy and Freda.  

But the first time I heard about CBD CLINIC was from Jeff Blum at Lhasa OMS, at a conference. And he handed me a packet and said, “Try this.” And I took it home and I tried it. And the next day I went back and I said, “Okay, tell me more about CBD CLINIC. Because the way that this feels in my body is fantastic.” And one of the things I love about Lhasa OMS is, they really support their practitioners, whether it’s with webinars or with supporting their acupuncturists. It’s very valuable. Knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain. I’m likely to use CBD CLINIC 4 or 5. And the difference between levels 4 and 5 is not only the levels of CBD, but also the amount of camphor and menthol.  

Please get samples and try them yourself, right? You know how things feel in your body. And if you have patients who are really sensitive, if you’re not, ask them to give you feedback. Because the best way we know is looking at how people respond and remembering that we’re all individuals, we’re all unique and different people respond differently. So someone may need more. Someone may need less, and the use of CBD CLINIC, helps them have more mobility and helps them participate more actively in their activities of daily living. That’s huge, right? And that’s a big gift that I’m working with to give my patients to give to themselves, so they can live a fuller life in less pain with more mobility. And that is my goal for each and every one of my patients who walks in in pain. 

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