Who is Realm of Caring?

What is Realm of Caring? photo credit Hannah Busing

Realm of Caring (ROC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2013, which provides complimentary CBD education to support community and clinicians. Their mission is to improve quality of life through one-on-one consultations, education, research, and by increasing access to cannabinoid therapy.

Research: ROC has been collecting data on cannabinoid use through the Observational Research Registry (ORR) in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The data provides unique insights on how cannabinoids are being used to help improve people’s quality of life. Data collection will be ongoing for the purpose of publishing peer review papers and protocols.

Clinician Education: ROC provides complimentary consultations for healthcare professionals to help them utilize cannabinoids for patient protocols. ROC Care Specialists draw from their extensive experience in talking to individuals who use cannabinoid products for specific conditions. Live and recorded educational webinars are offered regularly to share insights and review published research. There is an extensive library of published cannabis literature which can be accessed on the ROC website. Healthcare providers also can elect to be listed in the “Find a Practitioner” search tool, used by prospective patients searching for cannabinoid-friendly clinicians.

Community Services: Realm of Caring services also extend directly to families who are searching for support on how to use cannabinoids for personal use. ROC Care Specialists have spent over two million minutes on the phone with individuals from around the world, offering complimentary consultations to those in need.

Charlotte’s Web, in conjunction with other CBD manufacturers, support this non-profit organization through financial donations to the organization, and product donations to their clients.

Healthcare providers can sign up to start accessing the invaluable tools offered at ROC.

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