We’ve created the Knowledge Hub to provide educational content for our healthcare practitioners (HCPs) about all things CBD CLINICDo you have questions about CBD or any of our other product ingredientsDo you simply want to learn more about ways you can help your patients reduce their lower back or joint pain? Or, are you visiting our site for business tips that will help increase your profits? Look no further, we’re here for you.  

As an HCP, we want you to feel confident in the topical products you choose to use on your patients or clients in your practice.  When building your brand, we understand the importance of providing transparency and education for both yourself as well as your patients and/or clients. 

Below, you will find six categories of informational articles that will answer all your questions, including:

CBD 101

As the CBD market grows, many people have questions about this hemp-derived plant compound, such as how exactly does it affect the body and why is it included in our topical painrelievers? We have consolidated all our CBD-related content and CBD facts in one place. 


CBD CLINIC utilizes both active and inactive naturally-derived ingredients to create unique and powerful formulations. Our articles cover the primary ingredients we use and why. 

Healthcare Practitioner Business Tips

We are proud to have so many HCPs partner with us. We wish to assist you in your goal to grow your business by contributing useful business advice. That’s why we want to provide you with helpful tips and business ideas for your practice that will aid in client retention as well as benefit both you and your patients/clients. 

Pain Education

We provide you with articles about an array of pain issues as well as techniques you can try on your patients and/or clients to help reduce them. We aim to educate the reader on more holistic approaches and natural pain relief options, as well as how they relate to our naturally derived products. 

Holistic Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

We cover the difference between these two approaches and how you can best utilize them in your practice. Our goal is to educate the reader on holistic health care and wellness. 

Natural Science

Learn about the natural science behind our productsmore natural alternatives to pain relief and the roles that our naturally-derived active and inactive ingredients play in our formulations.