HCP Spotlight: Daniel Fonte, MSOM, LAc

Daniel Fonte, MSOM, LAc Acupuncturist

Daniel Fonte MSOM, Lac sets high standards for himself and insists on using only the highest quality topical products for his acupuncture patients.

Video Transcript

My name is Daniel Fonte, I’m a licensed acupuncturist with a clinic in Boston and one in Kingston, Mass. My father was in the service industry. He had the auto repair shop and did quality repairs. And one of the things I always remember from him is that when a car left the shop, it was absolutely flawless. No matter how many times it took to get it right.   

That’s my biggest commitment to people, is to make sure that I give them the best treatment I can. And I’ll do a lot, and I won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The practice of acupuncture is becoming more accepted. We’re going into a modern era now. We may not talk about chi any more, but we may be talking about neurological or chemical reactions that are happening in the body. I do traditional Chinese medicine and I specialize in respiratory to autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, fertility. I see a lot of lower back, construction people, heavy equipment operators, anywhere from degenerative disc to real debilitating arthritis. CBD CLINIC came into my view when I was practicing down the street at an orthopedic/chiropractic facility. You can research this product, you can find the ingredients, you can see the research that’s been done with it. There’s documentation to tell you what it’s effective for and why. And I liked that it doesn’t take much, a little goes a long way. Like clinically I use 5. It’s gonna catch the low case, it’s gonna catch the high case, it’s gonna catch everybody, and it’s just effective. I use 3 on more of chronic arthritis kind of issues because I want them to apply it more often, so it’s a cost saving, but also effective way for them to get the relief that they need.  

I’ve got people who use it before like a weightlifting, and I’ve had to educate them on how to get a therapeutic dose, how to really apply it. And they just find it effective so it works. You know, I think all of us in our life have the commitment to help, whether you’re bagging somebody’s groceries, or you’re sweeping a sidewalk, whether you are a surgeon, or whether you’re an aircraft pilot. We all are doing something ’cause we’re helping. 

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