HCP Spotlight: Kathy Furze-Spencer, LMT

Kathy Furze-Spencer, LMT

Kathy Spencer, LMT takes time to learn about her clients, in order to focus on the mind-body connection to help them find relief. Once she discovered CBD CLINIC™, she stopped trying other products for massage therapy.

Video Transcript

My name’s Kathy Spencer. I’ve been a massage therapist for 25 years. I also do energy work, ear coning, and massage cupping. My passion for helping people started, oh boy, way, way back. I was a Program Director for the YMCA. I enjoyed working in athletics, working one-on-one with folks there. That was the beginning, that led me to be in the healing arts.  

Once somebody comes into the office, we sit down, we usually have quite a long conversation on their initial visit. 90% of the time they’re coming in with a physical ailment. My questions to them involve “how did that come about?” But also, “what’s going on in your life as well.” From there, they wanna know why I asked those questions. And that’s when I can introduce to them the concept of the mind-body connection. The type of clients I see mostly, shoulder injuries, shoulder pain, could be torn muscles, low back pain, which is so common, people recovering from cancer. Very hardworking folks, family-oriented. They may have taken a little time for themselves in the past. And when they see the value of massage therapy, they realize that it’s not a luxury. It’s something that they really need in their lives. When people ask me about CBD, I just light up, because I know the benefits of it. Education about CBD is key. So many folks will buy blindly off the internet. So to educate folks on the little things, but the important things about CBD. I see it as the next best thing.  

So in 2017 is when I started with CBD CLINIC. I dug deep into the website and I noticed the company is fairly local to me. I wanted to work with a local company. Being a massage therapist for 25 years I was a very loyal Biofreeze user. After using CBD CLINIC, I will never go back to Biofreeze. The base products within the CBD CLINIC are extremely effective for pain relief. CBD CLINIC is a wonderful base for massage cupping. It just provides enough slide and glide. The one I use mostly is Pro Sport, the Level 5. It’s so effective so quickly, and I want my clients to see results fast. 

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