5 Ways To Ethically Maximize Your Clinical Profits

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Profit Maximization

As a health professional, you see patients every day in desperate need of acute and chronic pain relief. Many understandably wish to avoid pharmaceutical agents and their serious side effects or potential for addiction.

These concerns, combined with growing interest in the skin nourishing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), have created the perfect storm. This has led to a rapidly flourishing cannabidiol market. According to a report by BDS Analytics, the CBD market is set to surpass $20 billion in the United States alone by 2024. As Texas-based cannabis-specialist attorney Chelsie Spencer said to The Points Guy, “The US CBD market growth-rate projections are phenomenally high so I expect to see continued rapid growth of the industry.”

Quite simply: If you don’t offer high-quality products containing skin conditioning CBD within your practice, patients will look elsewhere. As a result, you’ll fail to capitalize on professionally valuable products and the ethical profits that come with it, while your patients risk purchasing sub-standard options.

This is where CBD CLINIC™ closes the gap. We offer natural topical analgesics that combine active ingredients like menthol and camphor with natural emollients and extracts, including skin nourishing CBD, jojoba oil, and beeswax. Many of our clients and their patients rave about our products. We’ll let them share their thoughts, in their words…

  • “Superb products. I’ve used both Level II and Level III for my massage clients. Outstanding results and client satisfaction. These products bring the massage experience to another level. Will continue to buy from this seller — quality products and great prices. Thank you CBD CLINIC™!” Judy
  • “The products are very effective in relieving pain. I highly recommend them.” Donna
  • “I have no complaints with my experience with CBD CLINIC™. I found the information I needed to educate my clients on the products. I appreciate the materials were free. The pricing for the sample packs are a reasonable price!” — Debra T.

Stories like these are just a taste of how CBD CLINIC™’s products can be incorporated directly into treatment protocols, recommended as at-home therapy, or both. While we know our products can help augment your treatment protocol, we also know it can be difficult for practitioners to comfortably take on a “sales role.”

With this in mind, these 5 proven methods will enable you to successfully, ethically and easily promote our products.


Maximize Your Profits by Selling CBD CLINIC™ Products

1. Offer samples

CBD CLINIC 3oz Sample Pack Level 5
Smaller samples are a powerful way to open the conversation. Remember, to convert these into product sales, due care and process are needed. How and where should you begin and continue?

a. Give samples to current patients

There are many ways to get the products you stock into the hands of people in need. Your website, social media and local events are all valid options. However, the simplest method is to begin with your current patients. When indicated, recommend a sample product to your patients who could benefit from the product.

b. Understanding products

As with every treatment, targeted therapy is essential for optimal results. Understanding what symptoms will gain the greatest benefit from which product is important as is providing correct usage and application instructions. For example, our Level 5 Pro Sport Deep Muscle and Joint Pain Ointment is ideal for pain and post-performance discomfort. Whereas our Level 2 Pain Relief Cream is tailored for general lower grade aches and soreness.

c. Seek feedback

Offering a sample is merely the first step in the process. You must follow up and gain feedback. “Did you find the recommended cream eased your pain?” “What did you like most about this product?” “Was it easy to use?” When a patient loves a sample you’ve shared, recommending a full-sized tub, stick or lotion becomes an extension of your care.

2. Professional, beautiful displays

CBD CLINIC Pro Sport Pain Stick Display - loaded

We do judge a book by it’s cover and professional, beautiful displays and paraphernalia attract attention and interest. To maximize this effect…

a. Position products at eye line

Patients consult you because they need professional care and, those with pain, relief. By placing a professional product display at their eye line, you will pique their attention. This can be on your reception desk, in your consultation rooms, or anywhere else regularly seen. When they can hold, read and interact with a product, conversion is more likely.

b. Place posters and brochures in obvious positions

As with displays, visual aids like posters and brochures provoke patient inquiry. Placing a poster on your reception wall will capture attention while a patient waits. Having brochures available on your reception desk will allow your team to hand one over when they notice an interest.

3. Educational information

revolutionary pain relief

Well-crafted educational information converts because people can learn about a product and, essentially, sell themselves. There are two painless ways to do this…

a. Pamphlets/Brochures

Pamphlets and brochures are an informative and undemanding way for potential buyers to access information. As we mentioned above, keep these in obvious places. Also, think outside of the box. When you consult with a new patient include a brochure in their welcome pack. If a patient discusses a friend’s current pain problem, hand them a pamphlet to share.

b. Promote our products’ with evidence-based research

Being a health professional bears a heavy responsibility and recommending only evidence-based products is key for your success and the recovery of those under your care. That’s why we’re passionate about the science!

When you recommend products to patients, share the research behind the products and individual ingredients. It is educational and persuasive. For example, CBD CLINIC’s products contain active ingredients like menthol and camphor.

A study published in the journal Rehabilitation Research and Practice found that topically applied menthol significantly reduced pain intensity and endorsed this ancient mint’s use in chronic and neuropathic pain management. Another study noted that menthol-based analgesics effectively lower the perception of pain.

Camphor has been adored for millennia so some of your patients may already be aware of its therapeutic uses. Discuss how its multiple benefits come from its analgesic properties.

c. The safe power of naturally derived ingredients

People are searching for natural solutions to their pain; there’s a good chance that’s why they are in your practice.


Safety and effectiveness!

The opioid crisis and its associated complications are well known. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that eight to 12% of people will develop an opioid-use disorder, that overdoses have increased in recent years, and between 21 to 29% of patients who have been prescribed these medications will misuse them. A 2016 study published in the renowned British Journal of Medicine titled Medical Error—the third leading cause of death in the US found just that; medicine is the third leading cause of death. It’s terrifying!

This makes recommending proven, naturally-derived pain relief options essential. Patients want these products!

4. Follow-up

CBD CLINIC survey InfographicIf you don’t follow up with patients, it’s time to start. As they say, “The fortune’s in the follow-up” and so is better care and healthier outcomes. Just as a gym program gradually improves fitness, therapeutic interventions take time to achieve their desired results. Talk to your patients about this with regard to the products you recommend as well as the treatments you give. You can do this in two ways; prolonged follow-up and quick surveys.

a. Prolonged follow-up

Make a note on patient treatment forms so you remember to follow-up on a recommended product’s impact over an extended time. People may find that benefits grow with continued use.

b. Quick surveys

Quick surveys give you an idea of a product’s usefulness for your patients and your practice sales. The questions could be as simple as…

i. Would you try it again?

ii. On a scale of 1 – 10, zero being no change and 10 being complete resolution, how much did this product help with your symptoms?

5. Provide feedback to CBD CLINIC™

CBD CLINIC™ is a leading expert in its field. We formulate professional-only products that positively change the lives of those who use and recommend our creams and lotions. We’re passionate about what we do! Part of our role is to make your job easier. Let us know if there is any way we can assist you in your success.

After receiving client feedback, we created two approaches that our clients tell us work beautifully. Let’s take a look…

a. Combine and optimize business and therapeutic benefits

You can simply sell an awesome product as a once off… Or you can embed its use within your treatment protocols and standard recommendations. We believe the latter is a superior approach. See, if you endorse products as one-time purchases, you will miss countless opportunities to better support your patients and propel your profits.

Imagine: A new patient with lower back pain schedules a consultation with you. You identify tenderness and tension in the left glut max and quadratus lumborum muscles. Your expertise tells you this is a contributing factor in the patient’s symptomatic picture. After a complete assessment, you…

1) Offer your current targeted therapeutic plan. You may remember to recommend a topical pain relief cream, or not.


2) You alter your protocol to step it up a notch. Your in-practice care treats the underlying cause. Home advice includes the CBD CLINIC™’s product that is perfectly suited to their needs.

Can you see how 2) offers a higher level of care, provides greater potential patient relief, will encourage referrals, and lodges the sales process firmly into the patient care plan so you don’t have to think about this recommendation as a separate process?

b. Ask your patients about their results and send their responses back to us at CBD CLINIC™

It is important to pause and engage each patient in their care. Ask them about the relief they are receiving from the products you’ve recommended. What do they love? Is there anything they feel could be improved? Then send us their thoughts. We are here to support you, our valued health professionals and are eager to learn how we can better help your patients and, of course, elevate your practice success.

Whether you are a natural at sales or hide from its mere mention, we trust these five well-established and effective methods shine a light on easy-to-implement steps that will boost both patient results and practice profits. If there is any way we can assist you, please reach out and let us know.


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