Spotlight on Jojoba Desert: An Oasis in the Desert

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There are a range of important considerations that every ethical company must make to maximize the therapeutic power of their products while contributing to a sustainable, environmentally conscious future. It is a complex path that combines the best of science and nature, with modern and ancient wisdom.

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) fits into this realm beautifully. It is a drought-tolerant bush endemic to Mexico, Southern Arizona and Southern California where it has been thriving for centuries. The combination of the plant’s hardiness and the benefits of its wonderful oil led to the formation of Jojoba Desert. This remarkable company has the enviable aims of providing a premium product, greening the Israeli desert, and supporting local communities.

Why does CBD CLINIC™ use Jojoba Desert oil?

We use Jojoba Desert’s oil for several important reasons: their approaches are therapeutically valid, scientifically driven, and deliver effective results for our clients in an environmentally conscious manner.

The translucent, sweet-smelling golden oil is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and natural pharmaceuticals for three primary reasons:

  1. It soothes the skin.
  2. It enhances the absorption of pharmaceutical ingredients.
  3. It extends the shelf life of oil-based products.

How jojoba seed oil soothes the skin

Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager at Jojoba Desert, has noted that, “Jojoba oil has many healing properties.”

Its unique structure, which is based on straight-chain omega 9 esters, mimics 25% of the human sebum and therefore, once applied on irritated skin, has soothing and repairing effects while deeply moisturizes the skin.”

This natural oil acts to repair the skin barrier, hydrate and protect against dehydration.

It has also been touted as a vitamin-rich remedy for dandruff and dry, brittle hair. Therefore, any accidental hair contact with jojoba seed oil in cosmetics is a hidden benefit.

It is truly one of nature’s incredible gifts.

Jojoba seed oil enhances the absorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients

When you are treating your patients with topical creams, ointments, and oils, you want to know that they are getting the most benefits from the active ingredients as possible.

In Jojoba in dermatology: a succinct review; the authors noted that the oil “potentiates as dermal permeation enhancer in cosmetic preparations.” The review of literature referred to a 2007 German study on the lipophilicity (the capacity of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats, oils, lipids, and solvents) of botanicals revealed that jojoba oil was 0.68 times as lipophilic as 1-Octanol, a fatty alcohol used in perfumes and flavorings.

In another study published the same year in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, the researchers compared four essential oils and three plant oils, including jojoba seed oil, in order to the efficacy of cream formulations. They compared the natural oils with chemical enhancers as a control. In this comparison, “jojoba oil was found to be the most active, causing about a 32% peak height decrease of H-H bending absorbances in comparison with the control…”

In short, jojoba seed oil was found to be a superior vehicle for the skin absorption of the tested drug.

You can simply tell you patients: “The jojoba seed oil in CBD CLINIC products helps your skin absorb the pain relief ingredients.”

Ask us how you can expand your practice with topicals blended with jojoba seed oil, CBD hemp oil, & other natural emollients

Jojoba seed oil extends the shelf life of our products

Jojoba seed oil is the perfect addition to our evidence-based topical products. With its unique structure and high antioxidant content, it naturally stabilizes oil-based formulations and essential oils, which extends their shelf life. This stability is reportedly due to jojoba seed oil’s structure of straight chain esters. Some companies erroneously choose branched triglyceride structured oils, even though these are prone to oxidative degradation. While this may provide a cheaper option, our focus is on premium products that deliver extended and potent relief.

We love Cannabidiol (CBD), however this incredible compound oxidizes rapidly. Yet, when expertly blended with jojoba in the right formulation CBD stays intact and remains fresh. In effect, jojoba seed oil preserves the properties of other oils including CBD. In addition, jojoba seed oil is technically classified as a wax. As such, it is resistant to bacteria, further prolonging shelf life.

jojoba desert oxidation graph
Graph: Courtesy of Jojoba Desert

Where science and sustainability meet

We are thrilled that the economy and our communities are demanding natural, environmentally friendly options. This is an important consideration and one we take seriously. This is one of the reasons that we source our jojoba seed oil from Jojoba Desert.

Jojoba Desert uses an advanced water irrigation system to grow their crops, while simultaneously contributing to a healthy environment by using a “gray water” system.

75% to 80% of the water used to grow Jojoba Desert’s plants comes from desalinated water from the Mediterranean sea. The desalinated water is used by the near city of Beer Sheva, which creates a “gray water” that is pumped to Jojoba Desert’s reservoirs. The water is then treated, cleaned, and then injected directly to the roots of the Jojoba with the high-end drip irrigation system, which is used to avoid water loss through evaporation in the desert.

Jonathan Regev of Jojoba Desert tells us, “By using these waters, we are cleaning the environment. These waters once polluted the areas around the Israeli desert, and now we can enjoy almost endless source of water to flourish our desert and paint it green.”

This means Jojoba Desert can produce high quality jojoba seed oil year after year, which goes into every CBD CLINIC product.

Building Lasting Partnerships With Sustainable Companies Matter

We are thrilled to partner with Jojoba Desert to deliver premium, stable and environmentally considerate products that make a therapeutic difference to our clients and impact the environment and local communities in a life affirming and sustainable way.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate any diseases or conditions. We use CBD in our products for cosmetic purposes only.




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