How to Use CBD CLINIC™ at Home

self massage

For all of us, nothing feels better than a little self-care. Encouraging your patients to take a little time out of their day to focus on some much needed “me-time” is an effective way to decompress and reset, making them better equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

Life during the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to work from home. At-home set-ups are not always the most ergonomic, which can cause added muscle and joint tension. Self-care has never been more important, both for physical relief and for the relief of added stress and anxiety due to these uncertain times.

Self-care takes many forms, including getting a massage, seeing an acupuncturist, or scheduling a trip to the chiropractor. However, life at the moment may not allow for this. You can, though, encourage your patients to continue practicing self-care.

So, as a healthcare practitioner, what do you do to help your patients relieve temporary, minor pain after their treatment is over to tide them over until the next appointment? This is undoubtedly a question asked by many patients at the moment, and CBD CLINIC™ is here to help.

Continuing treatment at home is a great way for your patients to relieve and better understand the source of their pain.

It also grants you the opportunity to educate them about the source of their pain. Education can be an extremely valuable tool for them to take control of their pain-management and help relieve their discomfort when they are unable to come to you for in-office sessions. It also enhances the trust they have in you.

This opportunity also allows you to teach proper technique and the correct amount of pressure to use. You can even teach them how to move better in order to prevent further pain and even injury.

You can help guide them in understanding external factors, too, that may be contributing to their discomfort, such as:

  • Did they have a stressful day at work?
  • Are they finding their at-home work set up to be uncomfortable?
  • Did they move a little funny while carrying groceries into the house?
  • Did they lift something a bit too heavy while exercising?

Self-Treatment: A Guide

While being housebound certainly changes the way you provide patient education, you can still do so by sending out emails or newsletters, or even scheduling video calls through the free and secure video calling app,

Be sure to include detailed instructions for self-pain relief. For emails and newsletters, feel free to include our “Common Pain Points” graphic below:

We have also included 4 self-massage techniques your patients can utilize at home:

1. Self-massage

self massage

  1. Apply firm pressure to the painful area for a few seconds.
  2. Squeeze and roll the fingers over the area where the most pain is felt.

2. Use a tennis ball

back massage

To relieve sore, tense muscles, position a tennis or massage ball between the lower/upper back and a wall or the ground and roll over any areas where tension and discomfort are felt.

3. Use a foam roller

foam roller

A foam roller is great to relieve various types of pain, including back, hip and leg pain.

  1. Sit on the ground and roll the part of your body that is in pain against the foam roller, applying pressure.
  2. For back pain, lay the roller in a horizontal position and gently apply pressure against it using the part of your back that’s in pain. Do this for several minutes.

4.Temple massage for headaches


If you have patients who suffer from frequent headaches, this can be an effective way to help mitigate them.

Gently rub the temples in a circular motion. You can also continue this motion into the hairline and onto the scalp, returning to the temples for a relaxing experience.

Benefits of Using Naturally-Derived, Topical Pain Relievers

In addition to educating your patients about their pain, you can also use this as an opportunity to educate them about the role naturally-derived analgesics can play in pain relief. With 5 levels to choose from in CBD CLINIC™’s Clinical Strength Pain Relief line, you can help customize your patients’ at-home treatment with our analgesic cream and other products.

Analgesics like camphor and menthol help deliver numbing, cooling relief to sore muscles and painful muscle aches. Our Level 5 Pain Relief Ointment, our strongest formulation, contains the highest levels of camphor and menthol allowed by the FDA. Additionally, CBD CLINIC™ conducted a survey of 125 health professionals and found that this product is their top seller.

The analgesic, lidocaine, found in CBD CLINIC™’s Level 1 Pain Relief Cream also delivers a numbing sensation but for milder aches and pains. This formulation was specially designed for those who are sensitive to counterirritants or other hot/cold sensations as well as aromas.

Not to mention that our products have the addition of CBD hemp oil as a skin-soothing emollient and essential oils like peppermint, clove and frankincense for added aromatherapy.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate any diseases or conditions. We use CBD in our products for cosmetic purposes only.

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