Give Your Practice a Healthy Business Boost with CBD CLINIC™ Pain Relief Series

As a chiropractor, you always want to do the smart thing for your business. Ensuring that your business is financially healthy will free you up to provide the best care for your patients. But finding a clear differentiator that aligns with your passion, improves patient outcomes, and enhances your bottom line is not easy. If you’re looking for something that delivers on all three fronts in a relatively short time, and are sold exclusively to health care practitioners, then consider incorporating the CBD CLINIC™ topical products into your practice.

Charlotte’s Web™ and CBD CLINIC™ have teamed up to offer a unique, topical temporary pain relief series of ointments, creams, and oils containing 5 different concentrations of camphor and menthol with CBD and natural emollients to compliment and customize your treatments. This 5-level product series establishes the gold standard for topical temporary pain relief by a company with over 15 years of experience and a consummate record of research, development, and quality assurance for naturally derived remedies. Like all Charlotte’s Web™ products, the CBD CLINIC™ Pain Relief Series is scrupulously manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in compliance with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

How to Begin

The CBD Clinic™’s five-tier pain management system addresses progressive levels of discomfort directly at the source with increasing amounts of active ingredients menthol and camphor.

First, start with samples: The Levels 03 cream and more powerful. Level 05 ointment is the most popular among chiropractors and we offer samples of both levels for you to first try before you purchase Getting started with these levels will give you great flexibility and range to customize your treatments.

After you try our product, we know you will want to begin using it in treament. We suggest the use of both a display and samples in practice. You will use the appropriate level of product in service, offer a free sample to your patient to take home and try, and perhaps an educational pamphlet. We find this business model works well for our chiropractic and health centers with the majority of patients returning to purchase a jar to use between treatments and rebook another chiropractic treatment with you.

Select the right product for the treatment, tool, and the patient:

Our CBD CLINIC 5-tiered product series are offered in 3 mediums of oils, water-based creams, and oil-based ointments.

CBD CLINIC LEVEL 05 Pain Relief Ointment combines active pharmaceutical ingredients camphor (11%) and menthol (16%) in maximum concentrations allowed for nonprescription topicals. It’s designed for muscle and joint pain and as an ointment. Level 5 comes in an in-office 200g and an at-home 44g sizes, as well as a no-mess 40g stick.

CBD CLINIC LEVEL 04 Pain Relief Ointment Offers extra-strength relief with two powerful naturally derived pain killers – 5% camphor and 7% menthol – which penetrate deeply through the top layers of the skin to deliver cooling and heating action. Additional essential oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and clove oil provide skin nourishing benefits and soothing scents. LEVEL 04 is a patient favorite for soothing minor upper or lower back pain. Level 4 comes in an in-office 200g and an at-home 44g sizes.

CBD CLINIC LEVEL 03 Pain Relief Cream (4% menthol) is designed for localized areas of minor pain and discomfort. It comes in an in-office 200g and an at-home 44g sizes. As a cream, it’s non-greasy and quick absorbing.

CBD CLINIC LEVEL 02 Pain Relief Cream (3% camphor) provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains in the muscles and joints. The additional soothing properties of arnica and natural emollients make it a must-have for your patients’ medicine cabinets. For uncomfortable, non-debilitating pain, use LEVEL 02 to soothe those nagging minor pain symptoms and help your patients temporarily relieve their physical discomfort. This cream is a popular choice for soothing bruises, sprains, and strains. comes in an in-office 200g and an at-home 44g sizes.

For any massage therapists in your clinic, Levels 03 and 05 are also available as oils for powerful deep-tissue work. And we also offer a specific Massage Oil product line should aromatherapy or unscented products are of interest.

Which Patients Are Ideal Candidates?

It’s hard to imagine patients who won’t welcome your offer of a treatment that augments the pain relief you already provide! Patients with minor pain and discomfort from injury or a sedentary lifestyle, or hypersensitized patients who sometimes experience minor rebound pain following treatment, will likely feel both muscle and joint relief immediately, as well as a deeper sense of relaxation that may help dissipate the tension in local tissue.

In reality, your practice has two (interconnected) bottom lines: the health and wellbeing of your patients and the health of your revenue. Whether your focus is spinal adjustments, soft-tissue therapy, wellness education, or all three, incorporating CBD CLINIC™ products into your treatments will help improve the lives of your patients even more, and in the process, support your practice with a healthy return on investment.

CBD CLINIC™ and Your Revenue Stream

Service charges and retail sales are two ways to generate additional profit for your practice and while helping your patients heal both during treatment and at home between treatments. For service, some chiropractors offer enhanced individual sessions or treatment packages that include Level 03 or 05 products targeted to a patient’s pain intensity at an upcharge. The CBD CLINIC™ topical products are easily incorporated into treatment following an adjustment, during soft tissue work, or along with ultrasound or cold laser therapy. Following therapy, extend these in-office benefits to ongoing care by offering the smaller product jars, pain sticks, or patches for at-home use. And for those clients unsure, have samples on hand to provide an introduction to at-home care with CBD CLINIC™. Suggest the right product for both their level of pain and also their lifestyle. For those on the go, consider offering the pain stick or patches. Patients will then have resources to continue their rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises at home between appointments. And the products will help them feel immediate relief during home therapy and between treatments.

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