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Each prize package is valued at $1,090! 

Prize package includes:

  • Fully stocked cream and gel display – CBD CLINIC Full, 15-jar display featuring 3 units of all 5 product levels.
  • Three Pain Sticks –  The CBD CLINIC Pro Sport™ Pain Stick is 30 grams of our most popular and powerful (level 5) ointment in an easy to use twist-bottom applicator.
  •   Display – An acrylic office display.

We invite you to join our community. Here are a few benefits for those joining our professionals’ program:

  • Learn and engage with your patients – become an expert in the growing medical cannabis/ CBD industry with ongoing education and support
  • Join the community – be among the 15,000 sought after clinicians who have adopted CBD CLINIC pain relief ointments, creams, massage oil, and pain sticks for their practice
  • Become a partner with a trusted brand – provide a nationally trusted brand for effective non-prescription pain relief with authorized active ingredients and other natural ingredients
  • Enjoy our 5-level system for pain management – augment your practice with adjunctive new therapies
  • Access a variety of natural, topical CBD products to offer as a pill-free alternative method of relief – help your clients decrease/ or stop their use of prescription opiates and NSAIDs
  • Charge more for your sessions using a safe CBD product – increase the revenue for your clinic or private practice by selling CBD blended products and charging up to $50 more for sessions that include the product.

* You must be a new registrant to be eligible to win. Only licensed health professionals can register for a CBD CLINIC account.