What makes CBD CLINIC products better?
  • The best OTC-approved pain-relieving ingredients
  • Expert formulations with the finest natural ingredients
  • The finest hemp extract we can obtain from certified growers
  • Several formulations for varying types and levels of pain
  • Consistent, highest quality manufacturing in a facility audited by the OTC (US Food & Drug Administration)
For what types of pain could your products be used?

Muscle Pain
Nerve Pain
Back & Neck Pain
Leg & Knee Pain
Joint Pain
Arm & Shoulder Pain
Foot Pain

Ligament Pain
Hip & Torso Pain
Repetitive Stress
Tendon Pain
Hand & Wrist Pain

And pain associated with

Multiple Sclerosis

Lyme Disease
Medical Treatments

Can your products be shipped anywhere in the world?

Yes, depending on each country’s import laws.

How can I find a health and wellness professional that carries your products?

Call us during normal business hours at 303-223-0863. We will need your state and postal code.

Why doesn't CBD CLINIC show up on a drug test?

CBD CLINIC proudcts are topically-applied analgesics that treat pain locally by interrupting pain signaling from the site of injury. Because CBD CLINIC products work locally, with the peripheral nervous system, they do not need to enter the bloodstream in order to provide relief from pain. Because their components do not enter the bloodstream, they cannot be detected through conventional blood or urine tests.

How do we order CBD CLINIC products?

CBD CLINIC products are sold direct only to health and wellness professionals. Begin by setting up a free account. Once you’re approved, you can log in to your account and place an order directly through our website. If you prefer, you can also contact us directly to set up an account. Or simply call us during normal business hours at 303-223-0863.

What is Abacus' Refund Policy?
  1. Customers who purchase from distributors or practitioners must go to the distributor or practitioner for a refund.
  2. Distributors or practitioners may return unopened product for a credit or exchange.
  3. Opened product about which there is a quality complaint may be returned for testing. Replacement product will be provided but no credits can be issued for open product.
  4. Returns for exchange or credit must be made within 30 days of purchase.
What is Abacus' Policy on Drop Shipping?

We do not drop ship for either distributors or practitioners.

Do you sell on Amazon or Ebay?
  1. At this time, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil products are not allowed on Amazon.com or Ebay.com. In the future, we may re-evaluate whether or not to allow the sale of our products on these venues. At this time our products are only allowed to be sold by licensed practitioners to their patients or clients.
  2. Distributors are only authorized to sell at the wholesale level and are not to be selling at retail.
What about practitioner's websites?

Practitioners may sell on their own websites to their patients only at MSRP.

CBD CLINIC Frequently Asked Questions