Headache-Free Dropshipping: How We Save You Steps


The COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined many businesses, namely those like your own if you’re someone who works in the massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic industry. There is hope, however, for keeping your business alive – and even thriving – by maintaining an online presence with your clientele and offering products you would typically sell solely at your practice. ‘

This can be done effectively and easily with dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the shipping of goods directly to a retailer or customer. They travel from the manufacturer to the recipient without shipping to and being held in a warehouse first. For you and your business, this is good news.

Dropshipping allows you to eliminate any potential shipping delays your customer may experience. You place an order with the manufacturer and the manufacturer fulfills the order and ships it to your customer directly. This eliminates the need for you to have to keep any products in stock, ensuring you won’t have leftover product if demand doesn’t meet your supply. Your margins stay the same and you continue earning revenue for your business, without the hassle of maintaining a retail store.

CBD CLINIC’s Dropshipping Program

In response to COVID-19, CBD CLINIC launched the Support Package for Health and Wellness Practitioners. This program allows you to take patient or client orders and place them directly with us on our website. We then dropship your orders directly to your patients or clients.

You can also place your orders with your Account Executive who will fulfill the order(s) for you.


Dropshipping 101

Low to no overhead

In choosing to dropship products to your patients, you are sending products directly from the product manufacturer, and, therefore, eliminating the need to have any inventory at your practice or business. This is especially beneficial if you’re new to the online retail world or if you don’t have a lot of space to house your inventory. That is even more beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic since your physical practice may not be open for walk-in business or you are unable to physically treat patients.

Saves money

Dropshipping saves you money because you don’t need to pay employees to pick, pack, and ship retail orders. The manufacturers do that for you. Additionally, you don’t need to pay employees to manage any inventory you would have to hold in stock were you to not utilize dropshipping.

Saves time

In addition to saving time by eliminating the middleman and shipping directly from the manufacturer to consumer, dropshipping saves you, the business owner or practitioner, time. If you are the sole practitioner or employee of your practice, you would be the one to receive, pick, pack, and ship any order you receive. Dropshipping and working with the manufacturer takes out those steps and allows you the freedom and time to grow your business even while under quarantine.


When you utilize dropshipping, you increase the versatility of the products you offer your customers and clients. Since the manufacturers’ entire product line can be made available to your customers, they can order products you might not necessarily offer to them were they to visit your physical practice.

Expand your customer base

Dropshipping and creating an online presence gives you an opportunity to reach more customers, as well as establish new ones. The internet is limitless and can attract customers to your business from all over the world. Offering products online and dropshipping those products affords you the opportunity to expand your customer base whether it be in your city or neighborhood or in another continent. And if those new customers are in your city or neighborhood, you’ve made a connection with someone who could frequent your physical business whenever it does reopen.

Dropshipping Success Stories


Our clinicians have found our dropshipping program to be extremely useful for both their patients and clients as well as for their businesses. It has allowed them to keep up the retail end of their businesses even when their patients are not coming into their clinics. Some of our testimonials include:

“Being able to dropship directly to patients while being quarantined has been a great blessing. Everyone is loving the CBD CLINIC pain relief ointment and it is quickly becoming a household must-have! The service I have received has also been wonderful. Thank you CBD CLINIC!”

“Dropshipping from CBD CLINIC has been such a great help during this time for my business and my clients. The process is easy and products ship quickly. Clients are happy so we are happy.”

Ready to Get Started With Dropshipping?

To begin using our dropshipping program, follow the simple steps below:

  1. If you aren’t already an Authorized CBD CLINIC Reseller, open an account with us today.
  2. Take orders from your patients or clients from the products listed on our Single Unit product page.
  3. When you are ready to place orders, visit our Single Unit product page and add the products you want to your online cart.
  4. On the checkout page, mark the box labeled ship to a different address and fill in the shipping address for the delivery.

CBD CLINIC also provides you with marketing materials you can share with your clients and also connects you to other like-minded professionals in our Professionals Facebook Group. Partnering with CBD CLINIC is a smart move for your business, not only during this unprecedented time when so many stores, practices, and malls are closed, but as a long-term partner for your practice.

Incorporating dropshipping into your practice will lend authority to your online business, making you a business your patients or clients will want to shop with again and again to help with all their pain relief needs.

What are you waiting for? Explore our Support Package today!

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